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About Us


Rooted in a rich legacy within the multinational pharmaceutical landscape,

Clover TLV is where expertise meets family dedication.


Our Story


Our journey commenced in 1994, deeply entrenched within three pharmaceutical forerunners: MSD (Merck, Sharp & Dohme), Lundbeck, and the esteemed Israeli firm, Rafa Laboratories. Serving in pivotal roles, from Product Managers to Senior Marketing and Sales Managers, our founders - holding academic degrees and diplomas in Life Sciences, Organizational Behaviour, and Business Administration - have cultivated a rich tapestry of experience that spans the European, Israeli, and other global pharmaceutical landscapes.

This familiarity with diverse markets, combined with their professional experience and profound understanding of marketing and sales strategy and tactics, pharma supply chain, and logistics, positions Clover TLV to offer unique value across our sectors of specialization.

Importantly, it's worth noting that the founders are also actively involved in running an international pharmaceutical business, ensuring that Clover TLV's offerings are consistently aligned with the ever-evolving global market demands.

In addition to our core specializations, Clover TLV boasts a unique dimension of expertise in the digital art sphere. One of our esteemed family members holds a degree in Computer Art from the renowned School of Visual Arts in New York City.

This foundational education, combined with a keen artistic vision, has enabled us to forge a significant partnership in art direction in the realm of online gaming. This collaboration is a testament to the multifaceted skills and interests that we bring to the table, demonstrating our ability to excel in diverse fields beyond the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Specializations

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