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Delving into Our Expertise



Professional Courses in Medical Marketing & Sales: 

Designed specifically for international pharmaceutical management and sales teams, our courses harness our founders' experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Equip your teams with the strategic insights and expertise drawn from top-tier pharmaceutical managerial roles.


Pharma Business Development Consulting:


With a legacy rooted in the pharmaceutical world, we offer bespoke business development consulting, aimed at sustainable growth.


Outsourced Pharma Supply Logistics Chain Operation: 

Navigating the intricacies of medical supply chain and  logistics, our dedicated service promises timely and efficient supply chain solutions.


Outsourced Office Administration: 


Our comprehensive office administration services allow maintaining streamlined business operations.


Computer Art Direction


Art direction in online gaming, with conceptualization and design, ensuring consistent visual elements, from detailed characters to captivating environments.

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